The hunt is almost over. He's the bull elk of a lifetime, but it looks like a long shot.

How do you determine the range? Where do you aim to make a clean and ethical shot?  Below is an explanation of how the MILDOT MASTER will help you make an accurate shot. What more could you ask for?

Thanks to Larry Babb for the illustration of the elk.

Determining the Range: 
In the example below, the distance between the top and bottom of the elk's chest is estimated to be 36 inches. Note that in this case 36" measures 2.5 mils.

To determine the range to the elk, align the 36" mark of the Target Size Scale with the measured number of mils (2.5), and then read the range directly opposite the Target Range index mark. In this example, the range is determined to be approximately 400 yards. 

Click and hold down mouse button anywhere in the center of the Mildot Master to drag the slide up and down.

Thanks to Karin Christensen for Flash Animation of the Mildot Master
Get the Plug-In to play this animation.

As easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Align target size with measured number of mildots in left window.
  2. Read range to target at arrow. 
  3. Determine bullet drop for rifle and load being used for that range and read sight adjustment in MOA or mils at that bullet drop in right window. 

Note: The Mildot Master determines Range in yards and meters (simply remove and reverse the slide). Target Size and Bullet Drop are expressed in inches on both sides.

All units shipped to Canada and overseas include an additional slide, with Range expressed in meters, and Target Size and Bullet Drop expressed in centimeters.

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