About Us


Founder, Bruce N. Robinson

An avid shooter, Bruce N. Robinson was reading an article about the mil-dot reticle and wished he knew where his slide rule from prep school was packed. He knew he could do the calculations necessary very quickly on that same tool that helped man get to the moon. In 1998, Bruce was awarded a patent for The Mildot Master® that would make ranging a target so easy that even his "bulldog could do it if he had thumbs". 

Bruce's visions was to provide a quality product with honest, prompt service. He always had time to talk to fellow shooters and answer questions about his product. He was thrilled that The Mildot Master® was in use by all branches of the U.S. Armed Services and our allies. 

Until his death in October 2004, Bruce, with the support of the shooting community sent items to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in a project called "Goodies for the Grunts."

Mildot Enterprises continues Bruce's vision with The Mildot Master®; prompt service and support of the shooting community and AmericanSnipers.org